In the Milanese setting of the famous Club55 venue dedicated to events, Andrea Mantovani and the FORWARD team present the 2024 livery of the MotoE World championship. The SKY speakers represented by Rosario Triolo and Vera Spadini press Andrea, considering him a candidate for the electric title, a responsibility that Andrea willingly accepts, betting on a challenge until the last race. Both team owner Giovanni Cuzari and Ramon Forcada underlined this during the presentation, recalling the year of growth just left behind. 

ANDREA MANTOVANI’S IMPRESSIONS DURING THE PRESENTATION: With the Team we have already made an incredible start: first the two days in Livigno, then the presentation. I had never had an experience like this, it was very exciting. The group is very nice, the experience helped us a lot to get to know each other and to be together. An opportunity that arrived at the last minute, now I can’t wait to get started. The team is the same as in 2023 with Ramon Forcada as technical chief, a great opportunity to continue with the same working group! It is essential to have people around you who believe in your potential and create a positive and at the same time highly competitive environment. The first tests with the MotoE will be in a few days in Portugal in Portimao, followed by the return to Italy from the tests with the Ducati V2 958 at the Vallelunga circuit. I can’t wait to start again!