Fresh from a convincing year in the MotoE World Championship, embellished with two race victories, Andrea will be back riding the Bolognese bike after the excellent results achieved in the appearances or erte in the Italian Championship Speed 2023. In fact, Mantovani has already worn the Mesaroli Racing colours on two occasions: the first at Misano, in Racing Night weekend in which he obtained a second place in Race 2 and the second at Imola, where he had achieved a victory and a place of honour. Results that have demonstrated the feeling between “Manto”, the twin-cylinder Borgo Panigale and Team Mesaroli.

Andrea will be involved not only in the CIV but also in the MotoE world championship with a new team, the new team will be the Swiss Forward.

ANDREA MANTOVANI: I’ve formalized with Mesaroli Racing and I’m very happy! I really got on very well with them, it’s a Beautiful team with great people. It was very, very important for me to continue with them, to have a Another year of experience, to try to follow up on what we have done. In words, once Imola was over, it was It was already confirmed, it was just a matter of formalizing the thing and so we signed. I can’t wait to start Working with them, I’m very motivated and I want to do really well. Speaking of goals? This year in four races we have three podiums, two second places and one win, plus one pole position. I don’t think it’s presumptuous to think that we can aim for the title! We know that variables can be many, but if with the change of tires we feel good and we can find a good set-up on the bike, Why not?

VITTORINO MESAROLI: We have signed with Mantovani for the 2024 CIV season, Andrea will be riding our Panigale V2 as well next year. A combination that has all the credentials to aim for the tricolor crown.